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What is a battery?

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There are many types, styles, brands, sizes and chemistries, however they all have one thing in common.
“A battery is a device that is able to store electrical energy in the form of chemical energy, and convert that energy into electricity.”
Let’s start by taking a look at why you should care.
Batteries are used in almost everything, from small batteries in your watch, clock or hearing aid, backup batteries in your alarm or NBN, remotes for your tv, Foxtel, aircon, garage door, key fob for your car. They power your cordless phone, mobile, laptop, tablet & mp3 player. Larger batteries that are in your truck, boat, car, bike, mobility scooter, camper trailer or motorhome.
There are many batteries you don't even see that help you get through your day.
I guess what I'm saying is that batteries are used in almost every aspect of your life and the range of batteries is an even longer list.
This is why it is important to know what batteries you need and how long you can expect them to last.
For advice on what battery is suited to your needs. Give us a call 07 3736 0297.
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